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About Our Head Start Programs

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What is the Head Start Program?

Welcome to CARD’s Head Start and Early Head Start, where our mission is to ignite a passion for learning and growth in your little ones from the very beginning. Funded by a federal grant, we offer programs tailored to families who meet specific income guidelines, because we believe every child deserves the best start in life, regardless of their economic background.

Our programs go beyond academic excellence; we're here to support your entire family's journey. Eligibility isn’t solely based on income; we understand life's complexities. Whether you're navigating homelessness, utilizing public assistance, or facing other unique challenges, we stand ready to welcome you. We even set aside opportunities for those who may exceed income limits yet demonstrate a significant need for our developmental programs.

At CARD, it's our privilege to nurture the potential within each child, helping them soar in their educational journey and build resilience for life's adventures. We've designed our programs to be responsive and inclusive, honoring the diverse tapestry of cultures and languages in our community. We invite you to be a part of our Head Start family, where your child's bright future begins.

We're proud to extend our services to eligible families with young children and expectant mothers throughout Mayes, Nowata, Rogers, Wagoner, Washington, and select areas of Tulsa County. Join us as we step forward into a world of opportunity and collective growth.

Head Start Programs


Home-based Learning Program

Our Home-Based Learning Program is centered around the well-being and growth of your family. Dedicated Home Based Educators come directly to your doorstep for 90-minute weekly visits, offering support and guidance to expectant mothers and families with little ones up to three years old. These sessions are rich with educational insights and resources that empower you in your pivotal role as your child's primary educator. This invaluable program is provided completely free of charge to qualifying families and is enhanced by twice-monthly socialization events for both parents and children, complete with complimentary meals and engaging activities, all at no cost.


Early Head Start Program

At Early Head Start, we embrace the start of life's journey by offering care and educational support to ages 0-3. We offer these services at no cost, five days a week, with a focus on fostering each child's social and emotional development. As a partner in parenting, we equip caregivers with the tools to be the foremost educators for their children. Throughout the year, we invite families to join in special events that build community connections and enrich learning experiences. Plus, our flexible schedule is designed to accommodate the busy lives of working parents, ensuring all families can benefit from our comprehensive services.


Head Start Program

Our Head Start program offers a vibrant, no-cost educational experience for children aged 3 to 5, operating five days a week. We provide an enriching environment that prepares 4 and 5-year-olds for kindergarten and sets the stage for their ongoing educational journey. With an emphasis on building essential skills, self-confidence, and an eager curiosity for learning, we lay the groundwork for future academic success. Our dedicated staff also offers resources and support to parents, reinforcing their vital role in their child's education. Extended care hours accommodate the needs of working families, and our calendar is peppered with family and community events, fostering connections and collective growth throughout the year.

4 / Special Needs Services

What do our Programs Provide?

1 / Early Learning & Development

  • Language and Literacy Focus:

    • Promotes language and literacy skills to ensure strong communication abilities.

    • Introduces early math and science concepts for foundational understanding.

    • Offers instruction in both English and the child's home language for inclusive learning.

  • Relationship-Centric Approach:

    • Builds the groundwork for learning through nurturing and strong relationships.

    • Fosters a sense of security and trust, enhancing overall learning experiences.

  • Playful and Guided Learning:

    • Supports learning through a combination of play, creative expression, and guided activities.

    • Balances structured and imaginative approaches to engage young minds effectively.

  • Social and Emotional Growth:

    • Encourages the development of social skills, helping children interact positively.

    • Nurtures emotional intelligence, enabling children to understand and manage their feelings.

2 / Health & Wellness
  • Physical Development Emphasis:

    • Promotes well-rounded physical growth through indoor and outdoor activities.

    • Offers a variety of play-based exercises to enhance motor skills and overall health.

  • Nutritional Support:

    • Provides free and nutritious breakfasts, lunches, and snacks to ensure balanced diets that contribute to overall well-being.

  • Comprehensive Health Screenings:

    • Conducts free medical screenings to monitor children's overall health.

    • Offers free dental screenings and services to promote oral health and hygiene.

    • Provides free hearing and vision screenings to detect any potential issues early.

    • Conducts free behavioral screenings to address emotional and psychological well-being.

3 / Family Partnership & Well-being
  • Community Connections for Families

    • Encourages caregivers to make healthy choices for their kids by working with various local services that can help your family's overall success and well-being.

  • Empowerment: Where Your Goals Find Wings

    • Empowers families to experience positive changes by defining and achieving goals such as finding a good place to live, getting a job, going to school, active parenting, and more.

  • Empowering Parental Engagement

    • Offers opportunities for caregivers to receive expert advice on how to meet developmental needs so parents can support their kids at every stage.

  • Unlock Insights with Engaging Workshops

    • Offers classes where parents can learn why their kids act in certain ways. They can join workshops like "Active Parenting," "Circle of Security," and "Infant Massage." These classes help parents understand their kids better.

  • Strength-Based Approach:

    • Encourages each child's growth by focusing on their special strengths and abilities in an environment where every child's talents can be seen and shine.

  • Tailored Experiences for Individual Needs:

    • Creates personalized experiences that fit exactly what each child needs, ensuring that the things they learn match up with how they like to learn and how fast they learn.

  • Collaborative Support Network:

    • Works closely with parents to understand their child's needs and goals.

    • Long-held partnerships with community services offer complete check-ups and assistance.

  • Developmental Intervention Plans:

    • Participate in plans that align with the child's growth and development.

    • Ensures that each child's specific needs are taken care of using plans that have clear goals

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